Quentin Tarantino chose to impose some kind of upper limit on the number of movies he was going to make. As  result it feels like he is definitely in the home straight of his career. One question that rages among his fan is whether Kill Bill is a single movie split into two halves, or is it two movies? Because, when the clock is ticking and there is a limit on Tarantino movies, this matters to them.

Either way Tarantino himself has dropped hints in interviews that he is still interested in coming back for a third installment and wants Uma Thurman back as The Bride.

Vivica A. Fox’s character, Vernita Green, was killed at the hands of The Bride in Kill Bill Volume I. Her daughter was an important character in that scene. Fox herself nominated Zendaya to play her vengeful daughter. The suggested storyline is that she is now hunting down The Bride. She would be in her 20’s now.

The idea gained some traction online and eventually reached the ears of Zendaya herself who, in an interview with Empire to promote Dune, has responded:

I saw that! I was quite honored that she would say that. Obviously she’s incredible and I’m very flattered that she would think of me. You know, it’s just an idea. The internet kinda takes things and runs with it.

That still hasn’t stopped the internet. The rather excellent Boss Logic, internet based artist, art director and photographer who likes to play around with poster concepts on his Instagram channel, has even created a poster:

2 million followers on Instagram? Must be doing something right!