That’s right Outposters. You, too, can learn to make movies like Zack Snyder. Depending on where you think Snyder sits on the scale from hack to genius, this could be great news.

Netflix has launched Snyder School. This is a YouTube series in which Zack Snyder takes viewers through his filmmaking and creative processes. It is part of Netflix’s How to Make Movies series. This will feature other shows like Snyder School that will take an in-depth look at the art of filmmaking from Zack Snyder’s point of view. Other moviemakers are involved and will be announced as episodes are prepared for release.

The four-episode series Snyder School series will cover screenwriting and storyboarding through to choreography, creating and setting the tone, and world-building. It will cover the whole lifecycle including filming, editing, and post-production.

The series will be released weekly on the Netflix Film Club YouTube channel. The first episode is up now with other episodes released May 27th, June 1st, and June 7th.

What kind of Zack Snyder are you? So what would you make? The Dawn Of The Dead remake, or are you more a Batman v Superman kind of Outposter?

It feels like we should set homework.

Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead is currently playing on Netflix and, it is fair to say, most of our Outposters had a few issues with it. Army of the Dead also received mixed reviews from critics, with praise for its cast, humor, and action sequences but criticism for its runtime, emotional tone, and overall execution of its premise. Two prequels, a film entitled Army of Thieves and an animated series entitled Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, are scheduled to be released on Netflix.