Well, it’s here. Jack Snyder’s Justice League. It’s released into the wild and according to the chat on the internet, it’s being consumed by millions. A four-hour superhero opera of grand scale? Or a fool’s errand? We know our Outposters are watching it right now, they have told us. When you are all done watching you are going to want to talk about it, right? This is for you, gentle Outposters.

You know, whatever happens, we are going to be a little sad when this is over. Zack Snyder and his one-man hype machine have been something of a gift to a movie website at a time when the rest of the industry has been quiet. It’s also caused a lot of speculation, a few laughs, and a lot of arguments along the way.

After everything that happened, it’s impossible not to feel at least a little happy that Snyder got to share his vision with everyone. Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the mythical Snyder Cut is actually a thing and it’s actually here, right now!

Also, given the state of the movie industry right now it’s kind of fun that a rejected movie has been reborn and is actually the single biggest thing happening in the world of movies right here, right now. In fact, the biggest thing to happen in movies since about March 2020.

So enjoy it, Zack, and you shine on, you crazy diamond!


Below, spoilers are allowed. So tell us what you think? Did you enjoy it? Was it an improvement over Whedon? Where does it sit in the DCEU pantheon?

Are some people at Warner Bros. feeling really f*cking stupid right now? And has it done enough to keep JJ Abrams grubby little mitts off Superman for a while?

Sound off!

Reminisce on the craziness of this journey, starting here.

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