Noted 1986 sports drama Youngblood is to be reimagined. Aircraft Pictures and Dolphin Entertainment are behind the project. The original MGM production starred Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze, and Keanu Reeves.

The standard sports story followed Dean Youngblood as a promising hockey player who wants to go to the big time, against the wishes of his disapproving father. He joins he Hamilton Bulldogs and faces many challenges on his route to the top.

The original is notable for its hockey scenes. Director and writer Peter Markle was a former minor-pro and international player for the USA. Cinematographer Mark Irwin was from Canada and had grown up playing Hockey. He was on the ice for filming wearing skates and a helmet, using a special rig he had designed to capture the action. The hockey consultant on Youngblood was Eric Nesterenko, a 20 year National Hockey League veteran and Stanley Cup Champion. He also played the father of Lowe’s character.

Feathered hair. Intimidating.

Several of the cast and crew had actual hockey experience and skills, though star Rob Lowe had to learn to skate. This was Keanu Reeves first screen role. He played the goalie for the main rival team in the movie. He had played goalie at his Toronto high school, earning the nickname “The Wall” for being incredibly effective.

According to Variety the reimagining will switch out Lowe’s character of a rural farmhand for an African-American from an urban setting, because of course they will.

An Yungblud, today

The movie is scheduled to start shooting early next year with Charles Officer (Akilla’s Escape) set to direct. He played professional hockey with the Calgary Flames. Josh Epstein is writing the script with Kyle Rideout and Seneca Aaron and Officer.

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