Fresh from the “You’d Better Not Screw This Up!” file comes news that Mel Brooks will produce a live musical stage version of Young Frankenstein.  This version of the famed and much loved 1974 film will air on ABC.

The Little Mermaid was their last effort back in November and it was well received, so they are pushing on.

Like the original, the grandson of Doctor Victor Frankenstein (pronounced ‘Fronk-en-steen’) will travel to Transylvania and continue his grandfather’s work, surrounded by a collection of memorable comedy characters.

Brooks directed and co-wrote the screenplay with the late, great Gene Wilder.

There is already a stage version from 2007 which ran on Broadway and was nominated for two Tony Awards.

Is live sing-a-long TV and adaptions of much-loved properties the future of network television and its fight back against streaming?