So to generate revenue to run the site, pay our host, our subscriptions, we use ads from a 3rd party company. But lately those ads have been a bit too intrusive for many of you. Understandable, ads are annoying.

So we are left with the typical attempt to balance the need to generate revenue so we can keep this thing going vs. making the site a welcoming place rather than annoying. We do appreciate each and every one of you. Even the ones that call me racist.


Soooo… (that’s my third paragraph starting with a “so”, pretty sure that’s illegal) we have removed the 3rd party and are going with standard Google ads. This will probably cut into our revenue a bit as the ad blockers easily deal with them. So yeah… what to do?

Well… if these ads are a bit easier to deal with, we’d really appreciate removing that old ad blocker. Also this is a work in progress so if you feel like its worse, comment down below letting us know.

If you really hate the ads, you can support us through Subscribe Star or Paypal. You’ll find those links on the sidebar just below the headlines.

Future Plans

For the New Year, we will be working to try to re-design the site a bit. What do you like or dislike? What would you like to see us do?

That’s the last time we ask that offshore agency for design ideas!

We also are continuing with the YouTube channel. You don’t watch the YouTube channel? Shame on you.

OK, so maybe there’s more you want us to do but we haven’t done it yet. Or thought of it yet. Or been too blackout drunk to care. Well WE CARE NOW!

We really are looking to make 2023 a year of growth. We want to get more interviews and reviews. The big IPs get the most clicks and comments, but what else would you like to see us do more of? Romantic comedies? Hallmark? I’m looking at you Boba Phil!

Thanks for another great year here at Last Movie Outpost. The best is yet to come!

(It better.)

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