OK, we get it.  The original three Jason Bourne movies are pretty perfect as far as modern action cinema goes.  They are also closed.  Done.  Finished.  It’s not James Bond.  It doesn’t return and recast and reinvent and endure.  It’s an arc.  It’s finished.  It was great!

However in another entry for the “Hollywood Is Fucking Dumb”  file, the section marked “Monkey See / Monkey Do” and subsection “No Original Thought In Entire Town” is the news that we are going to get more Bourne, whether we like it or not!

The Jeremy Renner led disappointment of The Bourne Legacy, or the Matt Damon disappointing return of Jason Bourne is not going to slow these space cadets down!

The USA Network spin-off series Treadstone follows a number of sleeper agents.  This will take place after the supposed closure of the program that created Bourne.

The aim of the series is – uh oh – to expand the world-building of the franchise.  Like they tried in The Bourne Legacy you mean? Executive producer Ben Smith takes time off from flogging a dead horse to tell Cinema Blend the show will also have connections with a new film in the franchise:

“I mean we are definitely working on another film. What we’re doing within that? Will there be connected tissue in terms of are we all existing within the same world and universe? Absolutely. The details of that are still under wraps.”

Treadstone premieres on the USA Network on Tuesday, October 15th.