At this rate it will just be you and me who haven’t got a Star Wars project in development.

Rian Johnson still rather sweetly thinks he’s going to get another shot at the title.  Kevin Feige is clearly Iger’s hand-picked MVP to sprinkle some Marvel Magic on Star Wars and TV powers onward through The Mandalorian with Favreau, Rejwan and Filoni hot tips to take over from the Destroyer of the galaxy far, far away – Kathleen Kennedy.

Things are so toxic over there at Lucasfilm that there is a rumour she is banned from the set of The Mandalorian in case some of her reverse Midas touch takes effect.  it’s also rumoured that Obi-Wan was paused so the makers could deal with a new studio head and not have her overseeing (i.e. ruining) things.  Is this true?  Time will tell.

So what do you do if your multi-billion super franchise is in the crapper due to management incompetence?  I am imagining that not one of you said:

“Well, I would send for the director of Sweetheart and Slight, and get the guy who wrote Luke Cage involved!”

If you did, then damn you are operating on a whole other level!

Director J.D. Dillard and writer Matt Owens have both reportedly been tapped to co-develop this new Star Wars project.

It is reported that Disney are hedging their bets.  It is currently undecided whether the project will be a big screen movie, or released on their streaming platform of Disney+.  Dillard is not set as director automatically should this be picked up.

Think on that for a second.  Star Wars has been brought so low that the management have lost faith and decisiveness.  It’s impossible to imagine it could get to this point.

Plot details, character details and setting are unknown, as is the question of Dillard directing should the project move forward.

Some news may be forthcoming as part of the mysterious upcoming Project Luminous announcement or as part of the wider European Disney+ launch event.  Shortly to be followed by the parting of the ways as yet another creative team split with Lucasfilm.  Hmmmm, what is the one constant here?

Either way they better do something, there is a theatrical film on the release calendar for December 16th 2022 and you know how Disney hate shifting release dates.