There is yet another candidate for James Bond, according to the The Daily Mail. As this is the Mail, it automatically gets one of these without any hesitation:


The Mail has a terrible track record with showbiz news, even worse than average with James Bond news and, in the past, has been often accused of just making stuff up in order to satisfy the voracious appetite for content of its Mail Online website. Also, consider this is basically a word for word repeat of the very same story from before Christmas with just some small embellishment. The Sun, another rag, even claimed that a gun barrel had already been filmed.

According to the Daily Mail, Emily in Paris co-star Lucien Laviscount has moved up the list.


30 years old and born in Lancashire, he is an ex-model who appeared in a lot of British television from Grange Hill, Waterloo Road, Coronation Street, Shameless, Death in Paradise, New Tricks, and Skins. He also made the final of Celebrity Big Brother.

With a resume like that, this perhaps feels like a PR company being paid to run his name up the flagpole to raise his profile. However the Mail claims:

“It’s thought Ms [Barbara] Broccoli and her team are keen to have an ethnic-minority star to play 007 so the franchise is reflective of modern society, she is very taken with him”.

Not even “an insider says…” ? His US profile will have been boosted via Emily In Paris, plus appearances in Scream Queens and Snatch.

Meanwhile Puck News has claimed that Aaron Taylor-Johnson did, in fact, meet with producers about the role. The last Bond movie, No Time To Die, actually finished filming nearly three and a half years ago before COVID delayed released several times.

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