Kevin Feige.  A man with a plan.  While DC continues to flounder and fragment, he executes.  So it should come as no surprise that over at Marvel they really do have a plan on how to introduce the X-Men into their Marvel Universe.  Not only that, but it’s going to be done in stages and take time.  Just like their building of the MCU in general.

The first glimpse, as we previously reported, will involve Madripoor.  It is a southeast Asian island that is a safe zone for criminals under the control of Madame Hydra / Viper.  It will appear in Falcon And The Winter Soldier.

Now it seems the first character may appear.  However it’s probably not who you think, or how you think, and definitely not where you would expect!

Captain Marvel 2 was conspicuously absent from Phase 4.  Now it turns out the character will return in Phase 5 and it will be set in the present instead of the 90s of the original.  It will be her first appearance since Avengers: Endgame.

Now a guy called Mikes Sutton at Superhero Buzz claims this will be the entry of a single future X-Men character.

It will be Rogue and she will be the villain of the piece!

This character was played by Anna Paquin in four X-Men films from 2000 to 2014.  She has the ability to absorb powers from others which was a central part of her storyline with Captain Marvel from the comics.

The scoop claims that the plan inside Marvel is that Rogue will be introduced in a way that matches her comics origin.  In the comics started as part of a mutant terrorist group, which might play into the Madripoor angle we already revealed.

None of the original cast are expected to return.  Fox X-Men is dead and buried now Disney are running the show.

Keeping with this theme it is also rumoured that the character of Magneto will be shelved, at least to start with, due to overuse and audience burn-out with the villain.

The other rumours are that Wolverine will also be lightly introduced in Phase 5 ahead of a full X-Men set-up in Phase 6.  The culmination of that phase is thought to be the return of the Avengers as they clash with the X-Men.  This is also straight out of the comics where they were frequently in something of an antagonistic relationship.

Remember, the Fantastic Four still have to figure into all this somehow, too!