Wonder Woman had big shoes to fill as she is one of the largest comic book heroes not just for DC, but in comic books in general. This movie was long-awaited for many reasons, such as DC needed to get their foot firmly in the door of making movies for their characters and so that we could get a big budget and serious female-lead comic book movie, that isn’t to say that this is the first, there have been others of course.

However, the mark was missed, unfortunately. Wonder Woman’s main characters are one-dimensional (some of which make no sense) and have the depth of a piece of paper. The movie was extremely predictable on almost every level and there were subplots that didn’t go anywhere.

I had high hopes for this movie and it did look great in trailers, but the final product came off as a subpar version of movies like Thor and Captain America slapped together. Wonder Woman is a great and popular superhero and DC needs to try hard to keep up with their counterpart (the MCU), at least in movies. Unfortunately, this was mostly a dud.

Gal Gadot takes on the heroic role of Wonder Woman and doesn’t do the part any justice. I had hoped she would come around to be a better actress than say the Fast and Furious movies, but I was wrong. Although, I can’t blame it all on her. The movie’s writing and direction were bad throughout.

Wonder Woman is a one-dimensional character that’s driven solely to find Ares, the God of war and stop him. She comes off as a completely insane person the whole time obsessed with him. Talking almost exclusively about him and nothing else through the entire movie.

This also made the love angle between her and Steve Trevor seem forced and undeserving, but predictable nonetheless. Chris Pine plays Steve Trevor, he comes off as the stereotypical hero you’d expect from every action movie, constantly going on and on about the mission, almost as one-note as Wonder Woman herself.

Ares isn’t very predictable, except he takes on the form of a human, something that seems to happen often in movies. However, the movie shows he has no need to as he has no problem getting people to do his bidding through apparent subconscious forms. This makes me think they added him being in the human form later in either production of the film or just the late stages of writing the script.

Also, Ares’ plan is to get men to have the first World War to prove men are evil and then to stop the war. Stopping war doesn’t seem like something Ares would do. This leaves you wondering what they were thinking when writing this movie.

The rest of the cast is basically the same as what you’d expect them to be, but the added annoyance of no real reason for them even being there and no closure for their side plots. For instance, one of the soldiers couldn’t take a shot to kill an enemy, this is touched on, but nothing else comes from it. The movie just leaves this subplot dangling in the wind.

The most predictable and annoying aspects of the movie are scenes like “no man’s land,” in which no troops could move from their trenches on any enemy soldiers trenches, it was seen as suicide to try. Of course, that’s not going to stop Wonder Woman, who was allowed to move the line, because of who she is and her power… or because she had a shield.

It was cool to watch seeing the bullets ricochet off her shield as she pushes forward. The lead up to it though was mostly hammering home how men in the war could not move forward and how lucky for them Wonder Woman isn’t a man. It was subtle enough, but it still made it clear what was going to happen.

There was also when Wonder Woman was allowed in the war room where “women are not allowed,” yet her being there gave insight that the men apparently couldn’t have foreseen. None of that was terrible, but it was so predictable on what was happening and what was going to happen.

Maybe this type of stuff wouldn’t have resonated with me so much if not for all the feminists’ politics surrounding the movie before and during its initial release, but it doesn’t make it any less predictable or any more engaging. There were other clichés and predictabilities as well, such as Steve Trevor forming his ragtag group of soldiers. Apparently, none of them were needed elsewhere during the war.

The action in Wonder Woman was great, although the movie could have used more of it and it did do a good job of showing Wonder Woman being a badass, although the movie waits until the end to show her true power, something that I thought was a trope left in the late 90s and early 2000s. I would have rather seen her really kick it into top gear much sooner rather than later.

It was way too predictable of a movie and the characters all fell flat and had no depth to them. The characters that did have any depth to them, never got enough screen time to dive into, because they were just side-characters and were all cut loose with their subplots. I can only assume there was a better movie left on the cutting room floor. (RELATED: Wonder Woman 1984 Review)

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