Business must have been good, despite tough news on overseas reviews and audience scores. Wonder Woman 1984 pulled in $16.7 million domestically from theaters since it’s opening on Christmas Day.

This is some way ahead of Tenet, the only other big release of the pandemic. Globally the movie made $85 million on its opening weekend. Considering half the world’s movie theaters are closed and major markets are in lockdown that isn’t bad at all.

The was also released on HBO Max. The final figures are not in yet but Warner’s must like what they see so far as they have announced loudly that they are all in on a second sequel. Wonder Woman 3 is go!

Just yesterday we said:

“With Jenkins and Gadot next teaming up on Cleopatra and Jenkins then locked in at Lucasfilm for Rogue Squadron then it’s unlikely we will see Wonder Woman 3 this side of 2025, if at all.”

Other sites went further and declared that Gadot and Jenkins would not be returning and the franchise was done. Shows what we know! Gal Gadot is returning to star as Diana Prince and Patty Jenkins will be back to write and direct. Not only that, but the movie is being fast-tracked and is guaranteed a theatrical release under the terms of Patty Jenkins’ contract.

Jenkins has confirmed that in-depth treatments for both Wonder Woman 3 and Rogue Squadron are already complete which means it is largely a scheduling matter now. Dark Horizons speculates that Jenkins could begin shooting one whilst in post-production on the other, over-lapping as Spielberg did during his very busy early 2000’s period.

It is rumored that Wonder Woman 3 will serve as the closing chapter in a trilogy.