I just finished watching the long-awaited movie Wonder Woman 1984.

It had a lot of good things about it, but it also had some major problems.

I’ll start with what I didn’t like first.

My biggest issue with the movie was I didn’t like the story at all. That’s a pretty big problem to have with a movie, one that is pretty much impossible to overcome.

The story is basically about a magic rock that grants your desire at the price of what is most important to you. Wonder Woman wants Steve Trevor to be alive again, which costs her the powers she possesses. Nerdy Smithsonian geologist Barbara Minerva wants to be strong like co-worker Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) and losses her humanity. Failed businessman Maxwell Lord wants the power of the magic rock itself, costing him his health.

Lord uses his ability to trick people into wishing for nonsense, which causes chaos and instability around the world as eventually billions of people wish for things. The only way to stop the chaos is to get people to renounce their wishes, which will put everything close to how it was before the movie started.

That’s the story they went with for this sequel. In the 80 year history of the Wonder Woman character that’s what they decided on. Really?

Besides the story, I didn’t care for all of the slow-motion used during the action sequences. It looked really campy most of the time especially in the mall scene at the beginning of the movie. It looked bizarre.

I also had a couple of problems with the whole “1984” setting.

First, there was a Budweiser poster from 1988 that is in the early part of the movie. It is fairly iconic so it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Another thing was aside from a couple of scenes goofing on 1980s clothes, a Walden Book store at a shopping mall, and a random Frankie Goes to Hollywood song this movie could have taken in place in 2020 because that’s what it looked like.

Also, for some reason, there was a bunch of priceless artifacts and treasures stored in the backroom of a mall jewelry shop, which seemed like the least realistic thing in a movie about a Greek Goddess and a Cheetah lady.

Now here’s a few things I did like.

I thought it looked great. It was a real movie with good production values (cinematography, editing, direction, etc.). There aren’t many movies that have this level of production quality anymore. Patty Jenkins overall does a great job directing, which would be great if I actually enjoyed the story being told.

I thought the use/creation of the invisible Plane was pretty cool. I’m not sure I liked that Steve Trevor just knew how to fly it considering the last time he flew a plane was in 1918.

I also thought the scene where Wondy learned how to fly was great as well. This reminded me of Superman The Movie.

In fact, a good number of things reminded me of that movie and Superman II. I mentioned the campiness, which was straight out of those movies. Diana losing her powers for love reminded me of Supie and Lois in Superman II, but it was different in that he knowingly did this and she did so unintentionally. Lastly, the resolution of the movie felt like a lamer version of the time travel sequence in Superman The Movie. It just lacked any gravitas at all.

Overall I was pretty disappointed in this flick.