Reports are coming in of a never-before-seen phenomenon in Hollywood. The Burbank area of the city is being affected by sporadic outbreaks of common sense and clear thinking. It is reported that there are several casualties, including the Wonder Twins.


After a sweeping regime change that saw Jason Kilar told to walk, new CEO David Zaslav has also reportedly ripped up the release strategy that was in place. Zaslav wants Warner Bros. Pictures to increase its theatrical output from 17 movies to up to 25 movies a year.

Blue Beetle has already made the shift to a theatrical release. There is a rumor that Batgirl may move as well, but that is not yet confirmed. Zaslav reportedly took one look at Wonder Twins and decided there was nothing to play for. He declared the $75 million+ budget too large for an HBO Max release, delivering too little in the way of benefit, but he also didn’t think it had what it took for a theatrical release. So it’s gone. Dead. It is an ex-movie.

KJ Apa and Isabel May had only just been cast in the movie. Well… ex-movie. It was early enough in the development cycle for it to be instantly killed.


Zaslav is reportedly looking for Warner Bros. Discovery to learn the lessons from the DCEU, look to the success of Joker, and also has set a new Superman movie as a priority. It is rumored that JJ Abrams’ much-discussed maneuver into the DCEU is cancelled, with him being given Hot Wheels instead, and the race-swapped Superman project being abandoned.

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