Greg Berlanti’s Arrow-verse shows are pretty much the standard bearer for Hollywood diversity and inclusion. Openly LGBT characters are frequently featured, often played by openly LGBT actors. They have race-swapped characters, some of the most diverse casts on TV and even featured the first trans superhero character. Basically they cover every base.

However as is now becoming increasingly apparently, that is never enough for some people.

Writer Nadria Tucker, working in the room for the upcoming Superman and Lois, was informed her contract wasn’t being renewed. She took to Twitter to vent, blaming it on her being outspoken on diversity issues and representation issues.

Let’s see. Self-describes as SJW. Has pronouns in her bio. Is it possible there are actually two sides to this story?

“Wednesday I got word that my contract on Superman and Lois won’t be extended, my services no longer needed, my outline and draft subpar (obviously I disagree with that last bit lol).

This, after months of me flagging #metoo jokes in dialogue, of me defending the Bechdel test, of me FIGHTING to ensure the only Black faces on screen aren’t villains, of me pitching stories for female characters (there’s one in the title of the series!) that went ignored.

If I sound bitter, it’s because this one stings. I’ve been assured by colleagues that I was great in the room, so I know I’m not nuts. I debated whether to post this but my own mental wellbeing demands that I do. The only way shit changes is to expose it.”

Or… disruptive temporary contractor does not have contract renewed? In the most cut-throat and brutal world of Hollywood writing a foolish temporary employee does not realize that a line exists between outside thoughts and beliefs, and those you bring into the office with you? Then takes to social-media, potentially in defiance of all sorts of contract terms and NDA’s, thus proving the case of the former employer and showing an overall lack of judgment? In the process potentially rules themselves out of future contracts? Doesn’t seem too smart.

These productions have shown a willingness to deal with issues decisively in the past. Producer Andrew Kreisberg was fired for sexual harassment allegations, and The Flash actor Hartley Sawyer was let go for that classic Hollywood mistake of having old tweets contain something offensive.

Neither Berlanti or the CW have issued any statements. Superman And Lois is due to premiere next year.