The post COVID19 switcheroo continues. Tenet has moved again, finally accepting reality and giving up on July to move out to August 12th. It keeps storming all over the release schedules and causing everyone else to react. If I owned a studio I would be on the phone to Warner Bros. right about now telling them to pick a date and stick to it, it’s getting ridiculous now.

Paramount Pictures are the latest to do the COVID shuffle as the Michael B. Jordan-led adaptation of Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse moves back nearly five months from October 2nd this year to February 26th 2021.

They claim the delay is nothing to do with Tenet shifting, causing Wonder Woman 1984 to move too close for comfort. But it’s a fact. Warner’s are moving and everyone else is following.

Jordan replaces Willem Defoe and Liv Schriber in the role to tell the story of John Clark, a Navy SEAL who uses his skill to rip apart the drug gang that killed his girlfriend while, in the process, finding himself inside something much larger.

The Stefano Sollima helmed movie will now open opposite the Bob Odenkirk-led action thriller Nobody.

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