Tom Clancy may be gone, but his work lives on. Not only is Jack Ryan gearing up for a third series, now Without Remorse is nearly upon us. This will star Michael B. Jordan as John Clark.

Clark was a field operative and, in the books, often the tip of the spear while the more analytical Ryan was frequently dragged along against his will. Without Remorse is an origin story showing how he became involved with the CIA.

In the book Clark comes to care for an ex-prostitute and drug addict, helping her recover and escape from a past life that eventually catches up with her in a brutal way. This launches an enraged Clark, a retired Navy SEAL, on a one-man war against Baltimore’s underworld. As he does this he finds himself pulled deeper into a larger conspiracy and comes to the attention of the CIA while being hunted by both the cops and the mob.

Anyone familiar with the novel will immediately recognize that this seems to deviate wildly from that book based on this trailer. The same can be said of the last trailer, too.

Jamie Bell, Jodie Turner-Scott, Luke Mitchell, Todd Lasance and Jacob Scipio co-star. Sicario 2 director Stefano Sollima is in the big chair. Taylor Sheridan and Will Staples wrote the script.

Without Remorse drops on Amazon Prime on April 30th.

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