Adam Wingard’s movies tend to be tight, contained, and well-reviewed. Some of them even get a cult following like The Guest, an excellent John Carpenter-esque thriller. Now he’s following up You’re Next and The Blair Witch with huge monster action in Godzilla vs Kong.

Wingard has laid his cards on the table as to where he wants to go next in an interview with Fangoria:

“We got to some pretty alien places in this film and we play with physics in ways that are very unique to this movie. In a lot of ways, I think this movie is like my audition to try to direct a Star Wars film at some point.”

Lucasfilm needs talent, and we have seen what Wingard can do in smaller movies. We will find out very soon if that translates into much bigger blockbusters.

Of course, Gareth Edwards already went from Godzilla to a galaxy far, far away. After directing Godzilla in 2014 he went on to direct Rogue One, still arguably the most creatively successful of the entire Disney Star Wars cinematic efforts.

That production was famously troubled by what appears to have been more interference from executives than anything else, now the dust has settled.

Star Wars

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron arrives in 2023 with Patty Jenkins supposedly at the helm, but that has gone quiet since Wonder Woman 1984 turned out to be a complete disaster. The Mandalorian will remain, and be joined on Disney+ by Ahsoka, The Book of Boba Fett, Rangers of the New Republic and The Acolyte. So there are plenty of jobs on offer at Lucasfilm.

Next up for Wingard? A Face/Off sequel that apparently could well feature Cage and Travolta returning to their roles from the famously bonkers 1990’s actioner.

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