Streamers are a brutal place to be. Not having to wait for Nielsen ratings and sweeps week, the data is at their fingertips 24 hours a day. Algorithms crunch real-time viewing data down to the second as your smart TV or device tells the suits exactly what every customer has watched, how they watched it, and what they will watch in the future.

So if something just isn’t cutting the mustard, it’s gone. Facts don’t care about your feelings, and the algorithm doesn’t care about your awards. You are toast.

So less than 24 hours after winning the Emmy for Outstanding Children’s Program, The Dark Crystal: The Age Of Resistance is an ex-TV show. It is deceased. Netflix has pulled the plug on the Jim Henson show which was a prequel to the much loved movie.

Lisa Henson, CEO and executive producer issued a statement confirming it was all over:

“We know fans are eager to learn how this chapter of The Dark Crystal saga concludes and we’ll look for ways to tell that story in the future.”

Set years before the movie, the show augmented the puppetry style of the original with state of the art F/X and was critically acclaimed. It appears, however, nobody was watching.