This won’t take long, because Willow has been written for a “modern audience’” so I didn’t actually finish the first episode and I won’t be watching the rest of it.

Here We Go

The opening scene is two expert swordswomen, battling on a cliff top. They are wearing masks, but you can tell they are women coz of the bumps in their chest plates. There is then a big reveal that they are in fact women, and not men, as they take the masks off.

From the outset, there is a “connection” between these two ladies, that they are more than just friends if you know what I mean?

So, strong female protagonist: check.

Her brother is a ladies’ man, wooing one of the servants from the castle. He’s not interested in fighting or ruling, he wants to settle down and get married.

The main male character is pretty weak and only interested in sex: check.

This is in the first 10 minutes, so we have the “message” that women don’t need a man in their lives and all men are only after one thing. But wait, it gets worse.

Turns out Strong Female Protagonist has to be married to a man she doesn’t love, you know, like the main plot from The Princess, Rey Skywalker, or most movies made these days for the “modern audience”.

Long gone are days when the princess marries the handsome prince and they live happily ever after. No, modern-day princesses need to be great fighters, don’t need a man, and even be lesbian, that would be even better.

Speaking of which, it turns out, the princess’s best friend is going to head to some training camp and going to be leaving her. The princess isn’t impressed with her arranged marriage, so decides to run away, first asking for her best friend to come with her. They then kiss.

The female protagonist
The female protagonist

This is where I switched it off since Willow isn’t about telling a continuing story of magic in a distant land, it’s about getting the “message” across to a small minority who have no interest in the original movie.

OK, so I’m old, and I probably sound like an even older miserable sod, but I remember the original movie and would have liked to see a story about it, without all the modern tropes we have to put up with these days.

Just tell the story! Back when Willow came out in 1988, it was just a story, it was just a fable, it was just entertainment. I’m all for female empowerment, but not when it’s done at the expense of pushing men down, i.e. Star Wars, most of Marvel these days, Ghostbusters, soon-to-be Indiana Jones etc.

Women are great, but please, stop with the “message” and tell a story. I’m not going to be watching any more of Willow, what’s the point?

If you think I’m wrong, here you go.

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