And Reveals Mr Miyagi’s Karate Kid Sequel Idea

Cobra Kai’s William Zabka has been discussing Johnny’s arc for the third season and reveals Pat Morita’s pitch for a Karate Kid sequel.

Speaking to Collider, Zabka covers a few different topics and reminisces a little about the old days when he was filming on The Karate Kid.

Discussing Mr Miyagi’s sequel pitch, Zabka said –

“So many people had ideas for Johnny Lawrence. You know, my favourite one was from Pat Morita himself. He had an idea, he wasn’t done with Miyagi yet, and this was in his last years, and he called me and he said ‘BZ, BZ I’ve got a great idea for a Karate Kid 4. Miyagi’s going to die’. And he wanted him to a have a proper Okinawa burial, but while he is sick, Johnny Lawrence is his doctor.”

“And I thought that was interesting!. It was probably the wildest idea, and I couldn’t imagine it was coming from Pat Morita, it was awesome.”

Zabka also looked back on the making of the original Karate Kid, specifically filming the moment when Johnny hands Daniel the trophy and tells him “You’re alright, LaRusso! Good match.” Zabka said –

“I was kind of pregnant with that moment for the entire time we were filming. Knowing that was coming, it allowed me to be as vicious and mean and tough and as Johnny as I could be til the end, and then Johnny wakes up. I remember filming that moment like it was yesterday. It was after the whole tournament. We did this big master shot of the full on fight. It wasn’t shot in pieces. It was nine, ten cameras around and the tournament, we went from A to Z, and that moment was captured I think in one of the master takes and it was just alive. The audience/fans were there. All that added energy and electricity to that moment, and the emotion.”

“Plus my mom and dad were in the stands, and I remember when I was doing the fight scene, I was on my knees when they said, ‘Turn around,’ and Daniel was hurt. Everybody was booing at me, even when the cameras weren’t rolling. I look up in the stands and my mom’s like, ‘It’s my son! He’s a nice guy!’ So I was kind of carrying a lot of emotion. The audience there was like live theater and they were all a part of it, so they fed that moment. So I remember that and it was very much a cathartic moment for me as an actor to let that go because that, to me, was the true heart of Johnny Lawrence.”

Finally, Zabka discussed what’s been the most challenging moment for him during the filming of the new season –

“There are a few scenes in season three that were particularly difficult to play because I feel Johnny in my blood and my instincts as Billy I would take things in a different direction. Johnny’s different so he would go a different way. I’m like, ‘Oh man, maybe not do that or say that,’ but because he’s boxed into the situation it compresses your emotions and your feelings and you live that. I experienced some real emotion in it doing the show that it’s taken a while to actually come home and detach from this character.”

There’s still no word if Elisabeth Shue will reprise her role as original Karate Kid love interest, Ali Mills.

Cobra Kai originally ran on YouTube Premiere, but with the company moving away from original programming, the series will now stream on Netflix. The first two seasons are available to stream now.