Will Smith will be back on Netflix after they picked up the rights to STXfilms latest production. The action thriller Fast & Loose is directed by David Leitch (Deadpool 2, Atomic Blonde) and was written by Jon and Erich Hoeber (The Meg, RED).

Smith plays a man who wakes up in Tijuana after being left for dead with absolutely no memory. He follows a string of clues to uncover his identity discovering he’s been living two different lives.

One, as a highly successful crime kingpin, is surrounded by luxury and excess. The other is an undercover CIA agent with a tiny salary, no family or home life whatsoever, and zero trappings of success.

He can’t remember which of these two personas is his true identity and which life he really wants to live. Smith, Leitch, Kelly McCormick, Jon Mone, Ryan Shimazaki, and James Lassiter are producing. Deadline broke the news of the acquisition.

Smith’s career has been mixed lately. After Earth and Gemini Man failed to set the world alight, however a return to the Bad Boys franchise left him in the highest-grossing movie of the pandemic year of 2020.

His last foray onto Netflix was for David Ayer’s Bright, written by Max Landis. Set in a Los Angeles where humans coexist with other sentient species, notably orcs and elves, magic is real, but its practice is illegal.

Rare magical artifacts known as magic wands exist, but only a select few individuals called “Brights” can wield them without dying. In Los Angeles, veteran LAPD officer Daryl Ward (Smith) has been involuntarily partnered with Nick Jakoby, the nation’s first orc police officer, equally detested by the other officers for his race and his fellow orcs for being a policeman.

Ward’s relationship with Jakoby has been strained since Ward was shot by an orc that Jakoby failed to apprehend and Internal Affairs suspects Jakoby deliberately let the robber go. Which all sounds a little on the nose.

That movie was a big success for Netflix and one of their first big movie events on their path to becoming the world’s biggest content producer. Both Netflix and Smith will be hoping that Fast And Loose reaches the same levels of success.

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