Oh Hollywood, thy name is “hypocrite!”

An industry where the casting couch was an open secret for most of a century. Where starlets and stars top themselves on subscription drugs. Where directors stock pool parties with underage twinks. Where an Oscar winner thinks a decision to suddenly live as a gay man can let him dodge accusations. Where a child molester who fled the country gets a standing ovation on your most prestigious night of the year. An industry that covered for Harvey Weinstein for years.

Best Buddies

But you get in one little fight and the Academy gets scared and says:

“You’re going to go an live with Mel Gibson in Hollywood purgatory.”

Let the hypocritical pearl-clutching commence! Nobody reacts quite like Hollywood when they have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. A corporate attack of the vapors will now descend on that entire area of LA.

When David Leitch (Bullet Train, Hobbs & Shaw) withdrew as director of the Will Smith-led Netflix feature Fast and Loose two weeks ago, Netflix started looking for a director. That director search has now been halted as Netflix placed the project on hold.

The movie was about a crime boss with amnesia who discovers that he has led a double identity as both a wealthy kingpin and a broke CIA agent. We say was, because now it ain’t happening.

Will Smith

Sony Pictures has also hit pause on Bad Boys which already had a first draft script and was moving into active development.

Smith resigned as a member of the Academy last week but still faces an inquiry and potential penalties.

The Apple TV+ drama Emancipation, which also stars Smith, is in post-production, but remains without a release date also pending the outcomes.

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