Zack Snyder is basically Warner Bros. boy. He’s a made man at the studio. Even leaving aside his DCEU efforts from Man Of Steel to the re-shot and re-released Justice League variant that is on the way, his movies invariably have the big WB crest at the start.

300, Watchmen, Legends Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’Hoole and Sucker Punch all flowed from this relationship. So why is Army Of The Dead different? Why is it at Netflix?

Out doing the rounds to build the hype for the Netflix zombie movie, he was talking to Entertainment Weekly about why he needed a different home this time around. Bluntly:

“They didn’t want to spend that kind of money on a zombie movie, or just didn’t take it that seriously. I was always like, ‘Look guys, this is more than [just a zombie movie],’ but it fizzled out.”

Army Of The Dead is about a group of criminals breaking into a zombie-infested Las Vegas to rob its casinos. It apparently spent years in development hell over at Warner Bros. It stalled and seemed forever trapped.

Then a random meeting with Netflix unstuck everything. It was green lit in super-fast time. Part of that reason, according to Snyder, was the scale of the ambition of the concept.

“I was talking about some of these scripts I was working on. And I mentioned the idea to [Netflix head of original films Scott Stuber] and he was like, ‘That is the movie! Go write that movie and let’s make it.’ I was like, ‘What, do you mean now?’ And he’s like, ‘Go write it tomorrow and we’ll go shoot it in a week.’”

Netflix is supporting this to the hilt with even a four-hour animated prequel series, Army Of The Dead: Lost Vegas, due out on the platform.

An air date and trailer are expected imminently.