Seriously, who? The kind of guy who writes Star Trek: Picard, that’s who! Marc Bernardin says there is a 170 minute long version of the Joel Schumacher third Batman movie, Batman Forever.

Warner Bros. are said to be unsure of the appetite for a longer version of the movie but are aware of the renewed interest in all of Schumacher’s work following his death. This version of the movie is said to be, what a surprise, much darker and more serious.

Variety went straight to a source who confirmed all this and gave details. The movie is Schumachers own longer cut, it is a darker movie rather than the quasi-comedy we got. There is more of the villains, they are less campy. The main thrust of the different version of the movie is on the emotional and psychological issues that led Bruce Wayne (Val Kilmer) to decide to become Batman. It features Nicole Kidman’s psychologist character of Dr Chase Meridian more centrally.

Wayne has to deal with buried childhood memories tying back to Thomas Wayne’s diary and surfaces Bruce’s guilt over his parent’s murder. Some of this was briefly glimpsed in the theatrical cut.

This version clocks in at just over two hours and forty five minutes long. Representatives for the studio say there are currently no plans to release a directors cut.