It doesn’t matter how you paint it. It doesn’t matter if you are a DC kid or a Marvelite. If your jam is Thor or Bruce Wayne. The DCEU is an absolute clusterfuck of the highest order and this cannot be ignored.

No matter how much you can like Man Of Steel, or feel that Batman Vs. Superman was a noble, if misguided effort and no matter how grand you feel the ambition was behind Zack Snyder’s Justice League, these are the facts of the case.


It is a cinematic mess of staggering proportions and it is difficult to imagine just how a major studio, in possession of such powerhouse IP, can make such a dogs breakfast of things.

The cancellation of a nearly completed $90 million project in Batgirl really is just the latest in a long line of self-inflicted misery at DC.

The comics line is all but dead, with weak Cal-Arts style images telling the pet, socially slanted, stories of a cadre of social justice crusader writers. Writers who seem more interested in working out their personal issues than telling compelling stories with beloved characters.


The movies are even worse. Full of fits and starts. Connective tissue established then twisted and broken. Director’s visions require online fan campaigns to get released. Well-received stars quit their roles, or are kept in limbo while the whole thing lurches from disaster to failure and back again. Other stars seemingly kept in place despite well-publicised psychotic episodes.


In the middle of it is incoming CEO David Zaslav possibly wondering just what the hell the senior executives were up to before he arrived. He is clearly trying to put his foot on the ball and bring some order.


Now it emerges that Joker 2 is set for 2024. Meanwhile The Flash remains set for June 2023. Rumors swirl that Shazam: Fury Of The Gods and Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom are about to be delayed. Black Adam is currently set for October this year.

Batgirl, along with The Flash, was to reintroduce Michael Keaton’s version of Batman as an elder statesman in the DCEU. It was also to serve as the swansong for Affleck’s version.

Spoilers For The Flash Ahead

According to rumors, The Flash would have made use of the Flashpoint story to end the Snyder-verse for ever. Affleck’s Batman was to sacrifice himself to trap the Snyder continuity in a pocket universe, forever sealed.

This would have cleared the decks for a new generation, including Blue Beetle, Latino Supergirl, Batgirl and JJ Abrams black Superman to carry the new DCEU forward under the watchful eyes of Keaton’s Batman in a similar fashion to the older Bruce Wayne of Batman Beyond. This would have remained forever separate from the darker, more adult-focussed Pattinson Bat-verse.

This is now looking extremely unlikely.

So just what the hell is going on now, and whatever in the name of Krypton are they going to do to get out of this mess?

Well, we at Last Movie Outpost don’t know. But I have an idea. If I was a betting man, this is where I would be placing my chips.

It is rumored that Keaton filmed a cameo in Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom but it was scrapped. What is now confirmed is that Affleck filmed a late cameo as his version of Batman for that movie.

I am betting that the Keaton-Bats as overwatch plan is now completely dead as this version of the DCEU is being allowed to die completely. The Flash will deliver the coup de grace. Affleck-Bats is being reintroduced in Aquaman 2 to help build up his part, bring him back into fan consciousness, ahead of his ultimate sacrifice in The Flash.

We will get Black Adam in October. Then the rescheduled Shazam 2 and Aquaman 2 will build to The Flash as the event that ends it all. A line will be drawn under the creative disaster, no matter how those movies perform.

There will NEVER be a Black Adam 2, a Wonder Woman 3, an Aquaman 3 or a Man Of Steel 2. This is the end of the current iteration of the DCEU in all its forms. It’s over and done.


Meanwhile the recently announced Joker 2 (2024) will slowly edge that character towards the Pattinson Bat-verse, maybe by serving as the anarchist inspiration for the emergence of the real Joker hinted at in The Batman post-credits scene.

If a new DCEU is to be born, it will be from the Pattinson / Phoenix universe and it is here that any new Superman will exist. A new Superman movie is known to be a priority of Zaslav, and it was him that killed the Abrams race-swapped Clark Kent stone dead upon arrival at Warner Bros.

So, now that I have made such bold predictions in writing it is obviously just a matter of time before a series of announcements from Warner Bros. proves that I am full of shit. That how the thankless life of an online movie whisperer works.

Until then, however, that is my bet for how this whole sorry mess gets brought under control by the new management. What do you think, Outposters?

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