A24, Atomic Monster, 21 Laps, and Chernin Entertainment are producing a full-length movie about The Backrooms, based on shorts by a 17-year-old YouTuber.

We live in a time when Hollywood seems to be creatively bankrupt. Very few original ideas make it to the screen these days and it seems like most people hired are because they have a certain ethnicity or have ovaries, male or female.

There are companies out there though that are still taking original ideas and turning them into original movies. I know I go on about A24, but at least when you sit down to watch one of their movies, you have no idea what you’re going to watch.

A24 is giving a 17-year-old YouTuber a full-length feature film to direct after his homemade horror movies have gained a following.

The Backrooms are a series of sixteen videos, about 10 minutes each, which are found footage films, but had well over 100 million views since they first started.

They are made by a young guy called Kane Parsons, who considers himself an edit and VFX artist. I haven’t seen them all, but here is the first one I found on YouTube.

I was a fan of found footage movies, but I hated how the camera work was always crappy. Rec (2007) was one that always annoyed me most as it was about a camera crew going to film an event, but the cameraman developed Parkinson’s every time something interesting would happen.

I have now subscribed to Parsons’ channel and I will be watching the other Backrooms videos since this looks great! I cannot say if it was originally shot on a VHS tape or if that is an effect he has put over it, but it looks excellent. According to Deadline:

“…details as to the plot of the sci-fi horror feature are under wraps. But in the original short, a young filmmaker’s fall into another dimension leaves him wandering through an unsettlingly yellow, empty and labyrinthine office space, which may or may not be home to otherworldly beings. The film’s title and setting draw inspiration from the imagery of a creepypasta (or internet urban legend) published to the website 4chan in 2019.”


Personally, I like the look of this. Even though Parsons is only 17, he’s got talent and The Backrooms certainly seem popular. One of the comments from that video:

“This man is actually insane, he manages to create horror that is scarier than 90% of Hollywood horror films.”

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