Ben Wheatley’s catalogue is diverse and eclectic. Free Fire and High Rise sit side-by-side with the upcoming Daphne Du Maurier adaption Rebecca, and are soon to be joined by a Tomb Raider sequel.

Now he has revealed that he has another movie already in the bag. He has shot a pandemic movie. He did it during lockdown and he shot it in fifteen days flat. He says shot it over August and calls it his palette cleaner, that helped him:

“…to keep [his] head together with lockdown happening”.’

He also says the movie is his response to the state of the world of movies now, with Coronavirus ongoing, in that the current slate of movies seem, to him, ill-suited to this new world, and that they have:

“…a datedness that in the titles released to VOD that couldn’t take the new status quo into account.”

He said he wanted to explore the limitations of this type of film making and said he doesn’t think it’s a problem:

“I’ve said it a lot, but I think I’ve always seen it as there being genres of subject but also genres of budget, and those genres of budget are micro-budget, low-budget, mid-budget, and high-budget, which make for totally different filmmaking experiences.”

He won’t share any details about plot, title or plan for completion. It’s been a while since we say guerilla movie-making so maybe it’s time it made a comeback?