As a kid I held the movie Superman 2 in high esteem, preferring it to the original. But aside from the Phantom Zone villains being in it and some good performances, it is a horrible Superman movie.
The major problems in the movie concern the character of Superman himself.
The main issue is that after Lois Lane learns his identity, Superman decides to give up his powers and live as a normal human. The Pre-Crisis (everything before 1986) Superman would never intentionally give up his powers, not even in “An Imaginary Story” that would be resolved by the end of that issue.

Don’t get me wrong, Supes lost his powers countless times either because of Kryptonite or he was trapped under the effects of a Red Sun but he never decided to lose his powers. On the flip side, Lois Lane was constantly trying to marry Superman (NOT CLARK KENT) and either trying to get superpowers of her own or fighting with Lana Lang over dibs on the Man of Tomorrow. Sometimes all of the above.

So the movie veers off in a different direction and has Superman choose to lose his powers “permanently”. After he does this he just is some guy. A nobody.
The whole time he was Superman he is pretending to be klutzy Clark Kent and once he loses them he actually becomes klutzy Clark. Supie then precedes to get his ass handed to him by a bully at a diner. He’s a pathetic weakling that couldn’t swat a fly.
This is what Lois Lane wants? Why? Without his powers he’s nothing.
This is totally wrong. When Superman loses his powers he should still be Superman, finding a way to win no matter the odds. Powers be damned. The fact that loses to some nobody at a greasy spoon is a disgrace.
Of course, he gets his powers back and turns the tables on his main adversaries, the villains from the Phantom Zone, who he tricks into losing their powers. Superman and Lois Lane then proceed to murder two of these powerless Kryptonians with a couple of yucks along the way.

Superman also gets some weird powers in this movie like the ability to throw a cellophane “S”, and a kiss that erases memories. It is really bizarre.

The “feel good” ending involves Superman (with powers) confronting the bully at the diner again. He has the ability to fly through outer space, has unlimited strength, and is invulnerable so he decides to beat up some human guy that is basically an ant to him? Superman wouldn’t do this.
The Richard Donner Cut is even worse in this regard as Superman reverses time causing the beating he took earlier in the movie at the bully’s hand to never happen, so he just beats the guy up for no reason.

I don’t hate everything in the movie. General Zod and Co. are pretty cool, but no amount of cool is going to fix storylines that don’t make sense or go against the nature of these established characters.