I posed this question and got some interesting responses. There are a lot of really good movies that people watch and can honestly say they were “great” but never watch them a second time. Here are the ones that got the most responses with others in the same categories.

Grave Of The Fireflies

I watched this lovely anime once and was greatly moved… to tears even. The story of children having to deal with the aftermath of World War II in Japan and the starvation that happened is devastating. Once was enough for me. Schindler’s List might also fit into this category.

The Witch

Ah yes. This movie was a master craft of building tension and not pandering or dumbing down for the audience. The mystery was weird. It was also one hell of a downer and once you know what happens, it doesn’t really replay very well a second time. The Lighthouse falls directly into this type of movie.


I would put this under the category of “things I had to watch in High School because they were ‘Very Important’.” Not a bad movie but nothing you want to revisit. Amadeus, anything Shakespeare, Death Of A Salesman, various John Steinbeck adaptions; and even though Leo tried to make it interesting, The Great Gatsby.

Dead Poet’s Society

This is like the movies in number 1, but much less historical and much more personal. Full of tragedy and heartache. Excellent movies, incredible downers. Rain Man, Good Will Hunting, and Awakenings (all Robin Williams movies besides Rain Man) would fall under this category.

The Usual Suspects

The mystery movie that is not really that interesting once you know the mystery. Others that may fall into this category are M. Night Shyamalan movies, The Green Mile (also doubles as a number 4), and pretty much any whodunit.

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