Filmmaker Teases New Project

Director David Lynch says he’s working on something that may prize him away from his YouTube channel and get him back to work.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Lynch hinted at a new TV or film project, as he revealed –

“There might be things coming along that would mean less time could be spent on the (YouTube) channel”

But in typical fashion, he’s giving very little away. There’s been gossip of another series of Twin Peaks. The show first aired in 1990 and delivered two seasons before being revived 26 years later for Twin Peaks: The Return.

Social media chat last October suggested that Lynch was quietly working on the fourth season of Twin Peaks. The rumour was started by Lynch’s daughter, Jennifer, a member of the Hollywood Horror Museum, which posted a message stating –

“Someone we know who is ‘in the know’ just let something very interesting slip about the future of ‘Twin Peaks.’”

Earlier this year, Lynch released a short titled What Did Jack Do? on Netflix, in which he interrogates a monkey who may or may not have committed murder. Rumours that he would make a series for the streaming service persisted, but when he was directly asked about the subject, Lynch shut down the question –

“All these rumours are flying about, but I can tell you that there’s nothing happening in that regard,” he said in April. “It’s a rumour that even if it was true — there’s nothing happening.”

Now it seems Lynch is suggesting there is something in the works, although what it is and whether it’s tied to Netflix remains unknown.