Paul McAuley’s acclaimed, award-winning, science fiction novel Austral is coming to TV. Circle of Confusion Television Studios and Big Talk Productions have teamed up to bring the book to life.

Expansive, and potentially expensive, the story is set 80 years into the future in Antarctica. Global warming has melted glaciers which have revealed a land rich in natural resources. Mass migration of settlers seeking their fortune has descended on the once deserted continent to vie for these riches.

Austral Ferrado is a “husky” – one of a group of people who have been genetically altered and bred to thrive in the unforgiving Antarctic.

However, they are treated like slaves. Austral has been a convict, a corrections officer in a labor camp, and consort to a criminal, and now, out of desperation, she has committed the kidnapping of the century. But before she can collect the ransom and make a new life elsewhere, she must find a place of safety amongst the peninsula’s forests and icy plateaus and evade a criminal gang that has its own plans for the teenage girl she’s taken hostage.

Elise McCredie (Stateless) will write the adaption. Erik Skjoldbjaerg (Occupied) will direct Austral. Kenton Allen, Luke Alkin, Matthew Justice, Lawrence Mattis and Russ Buchholz join them as Executive Producers.

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