Here’s your What If…? review. Finally, we get an episode that ticks the boxes. Lots of interesting ideas in this one. Except that Fury and Barton are apparently gay for Thor. And Coulson is super-gay extending his attraction to both Thor and Cap.

Ok, it’s supposed to be throwaway jokes but damn, talking about falling flat on your faces. Still, the rest of the episode is pretty damn good.

I know. I was surprised as you are.

In case you weren’t aware, it’s canon that The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, and Thor all take place in the same week. There’s even a comic series called Fury’s Big Week outlining what he was doing as he went in and out of different movies, whether you saw him or not.

Except for this time, the Avengers keep getting killed. First Stark exits the donut and gets his happy therapy from Black Widow only to die on the floor of a donut shop. Black Widow is then taken into custody but escapes. Then Barton is framed for killing Thor when he was powerless trying to get his hammer, Barton is then killed in his cell. Black Widow gets Betty Ross to help her understand what happened to Stark. Banner is discovered at the college, just like before, except he’s shot. He Hulks out only to explode like an Akira.

He actually acts like he should at this point in time!

Finally, Black Widow discovers the killer but is killed herself before she’s able to expose them. I won’t go into too much more detail but the reasons make sense and what ends up happening also makes sense.

Did you wonder why Fury never called in Captain Marvel? Not …exactly… answered but at least addressed. And if you ever wonder:

“What if Mark Ruffalo starred in the Hulk movie instead of Ed Norton?”

Well, this is the closest you’re going to get, which is nice. A real “What If…?” answered!

It all ends up as I would expect given the changes. I enjoyed taking the ride and I have to admit I was not able to piece it together until the reveal. Course I may be getting dumber in my old age. I was however immediately onto the second “reveal” so to speak. I think you’ll know when you see it.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. It’s what I wanted in the first place with this series. It is not a perfect episode, the episode length could be lengthened a tiny bit to let some scenes breathe a little more. But at least it isn’t an insult.

Except for all the … what’s the opposite of gay-panic? Gay-adoration? It’s weird.


*NOTE* Betty Ross was incorrectly spelled “Betsy,” it has since been corrected.