From the files marked “Jesus Christ! Is That Show Still On?” comes the news that HBO’s infuriating sci-fi mystery Westworld is back for a fourth season, and there is a trailer.

Season one of the show was absolutely stellar and gave an intriguing expansion and retelling of the story from the Michael Crichton movie. It used time jumps and concurrent storylines effectively to unfold something that kept viewers gripped and made it appointment television.


The second season thought it could deploy the same devices for no discernable reason, benefit or effect, and as a result became a frustrating slog that many struggled to complete. Season three was then largely abandoned by casual fans who moved on to the next big thing, which was at the time probably COVID and 24-hour news channels.

Two years after season 3 of Westworld premiered, the new run will begin on June 26th on HBO.

Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris, Thandwie Newton, Aaron Paul, Tessa Thompson, Luke Hemsworth, Angela Sarafyan, and Jeffrey Wright all return.

The original 1973 Westworld was a science fiction Western written and directed by Michael Crichton. Like his later Jurassic Park, it tells the story of technology gone awry at a theme park. Yul Brynner, Richard Benjamin, and James Brolin starred.

Westworld was based on an original screenplay by Crichton, and was his first theatrical film as director, after one TV film. It was also the first feature film to use digital image processing to pixellate photography to simulate an android point of view. Critical reception was largely positive by contemporary and retrospective critics, and Westworld was nominated for Hugo, Nebula, and Saturn awards.

The HBO TV show has moved way beyond the confines of what the movie, and subsequent sequel and short-lived TV serial, showed at the time.

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