HBO’s sci-fi drama Westworld came back on Sunday night for its third season and the ratings news was not good.  After the debut season performed strongly and became must-see TV, sparking water-cooler conversations across the land, the second season doubled down on the split timeline, mystery box and parallel story model that worked so well in season 1.

The result was a frustrating mess that, at times, seemed far too pleased with itself and its own ingenuity when it should have been telling a coherent story.  In the end completing the season was a chore, rather than a pleasure.

This seems to have had an effect on season 3.

Only 901,000 total viewers to the live broadcast – a 57% drop from the 2.1 million who watched the second season debut.  This was also the lowest count to date for the show.

It remains to be seen if numbers recover when the show does not clash with a live Democrat debate and with large numbers of people stating at home due to Coronavirus.

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