HBO’s sci-fi series Westworld is facing some changes for Season 3.

The first season was a revelation.  The fresh take on the Michael Crichton tale of a technology gone awry was told through an entertaining split-timeline format that unveiled the mystery step-by-step.

This novelty served its purpose for one season.  However, the makers clearly didn’t understand the application of their own tools.  Neither did they realise that the process outlived it’s usefulness post the big reveal at the climax of Season 1.

When they doubled down for Season 2 by employing a similar approach the show became an infuriating mess, and, at times, unforgivably boring.  What would have been an otherwise entertaining linear storyline for a season with a set beginning, middle, and end was rendered borderline unwatchable.

Throwing in a whole raft of truly unlikeable characters turned what should have been a thrilling romp, through a deadly malfunctioning theme park, into a real slog.  It’s no surprise audience scores started to collapse.

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul has been cast.  The show looks set to push beyond boundaries of the park and deal with the Hosts escaping into the real world.

We won’t know if they have learned their lessons for Season 3 but we do know that HBO is cutting down the series.  The episode count has been reduced from the ten episodes of Season 1 and 2 to just eight episodes.

However, no details are available on the length of the episodes, or if each episode will run a little longer to compensate.

The new season of Westworld is set to premiere in the first half of 2020.