After Earthbound heroes of science and technology, like Spider-Man and Iron Man, and the galactic like Thor, Captain Marvel and the Guardians Of The Galaxy, Marvel is preparing to embrace horror and bring that into the MCU as well. This is no surprise to fans who remember Marvel’s horror comics from the 70s and 80s. This begins this Halloween with Werewolf By Night.

Apparently, for the first time in the MCU, there will be blood and gore.

Exactly how much gore are we talking here?

Early reports have mentioned blood, screams violence. Director Michael Giacchino gave an interview to IGN and says nobody told him not to splash the blood:

“Well, it was one of those things where no one said no. I just kept pushing. I knew that we were going to balance that with heart and humor and humanity and empathy and all of that. And as long as we kept that balance in tow that I felt like we had some leeway to push on the horror side.

And look, we’re dealing with monsters, monster movies, and I felt like we needed to just go into that realm, just not be afraid of it.”

He went on to say that after a while he kept asking for more just to see how far he could push things:

“I think there was an air around the production of, ‘What’s going to happen? Are they going to let us do this while we come back with all this footage that is so violent? What’s going to happen?’ But I knew in my heart that what we were doing was not sadistic. We weren’t creating a film that was all about just indiscriminate killing.”

Later in the interview he also confirmed:

“…and being in black and white didn’t hurt us either.”

The one-off adaption of Werewolf By Night will premiere Friday, October 7th on Disney+.

In other Marvel news comes the not unexpected news that Blade appears to be pushing some things back. Director Bassam Tariq exited suddenly and as a result some shooting is being delayed.

Blade reports that a nine-day shoot in that city scheduled for November 14th-22nd has been pushed back and casting calls for extras have been pulled.

Other sources are saying that shooting now won’t start until the new year, possibly as late as the spring.

Speed rests on how fast the Marvel machine can find a new director. The movie was originally slotted between The Marvels in July 2023 and Captain America: New World Order in May 2024.

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