Fellow travellers through the broken shell of Hollywood, Coming Soon, have reported that Marvel have set the villain for their upcoming Werewolf By Night and cast the role. The story first came from “Marvel Insider” Daniel Richtman. Well, they better had, the show is due to stream in about two months.

According to Richtman, the villain will be Verrusa who is the leader of a cult called The House Of Bloodstone. It was recently rumored that Laura Donnelly is playing Elsa Bloodstone, a monster hunter character from the comics. However it was also rumored that Donnelly would be playing Nina PriceVampire By Night. So who to believe?

Also according to Richtman, a famous actress will take on the role of Verrusa – Harriet Harris.


Harris won a Tony Award in 2002 as a Featured Actress in a Musical for her performance in Thoroughly Modern Millie. She is a well respected stage actor who has also appeared on television and in movies. Her roles include Bebe Glazer on Frasier, Felicia Tillman on Desperate Housewives and parts in Addams Family Values, Phantom Thread, Nurse Betty, and Licorice Pizza.

The details of the Halloween special are largely under wraps. It will air on Disney+ over the Halloween weekend. We know Gael Garcia Bernal is the lead. Outside of this it is mostly speculation about the plot, or even which iteration of the character he will be playing.

There were two iterations of the character. The first is Jack Russell, from a 1970s series that ran for 43 issues and follows a werewolf descended from a line that stretches back all the way to a disagreement with Dracula.


The more recent version is a member of the Hopi Native American tribe whose family line has been cursed and who fights big pharma who are exploiting his tribe. This is 2022 so we know where we would place our bets.

It was rumored that Moon Knight would lay the groundwork for Werewolf By Night, but that didn’t happen. There are also strong rumors that links to Blade will also be apparent when the show streams.

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