Considering that werewolves are all kinds of awesome, it is something of a complete mystery as to why Hollywood has completely struggled to do much of note with them. Whereas those overly theatrical vampires, with their frilly cuffs and angsty outlook, get hours of screentime it is fairly slim pickings for fans of lycanthropy.

An America Werewolf In London still reigns supreme, maybe casting a shadow the same way Jaws ruins all other shark movies, forever. The Howling, then perhaps Silver Bullet follow behind. If you are a teenage girl then perhaps Ginger Snaps floats your boat. Other than that, it’s pretty barren.

One intriguing premise that is ripe for a remake is The Beast Must Die, where a big game hunter gathers some guests at his country estate knowing one of them is a werewolf, and he intends to hunt the ultimate quarry.

Arguably the best werewolf tale ever told is Glen Duncan’s book, The Last Werewolf. This masterful examination of what life might actually be like to be a werewolf, told from the point of view of a jaded and cynical protagonist who has had enough of the curse, contains the immortal line:

“Two nights ago I’d eaten a forty-three-year-old hedge fund specialist. I’ve been in a phase of taking the ones no one wants.”

The movie rights to this book, along with several hundred other projects such as a Flashman adaption and 3001: A Final Odyssey, reside with Ridley Scott and his production company. It shouldn’t be tackled as a movie. Maybe when The Walking Dead is finally… ahem… dead they could fill the gap with an adaption of this story?

Or maybe Marvel will ride to the rescue?  The Wrap is reporting that Marvel Studios is searching for a thirtysomething Latino actor as the lead in an untitled Halloween special to air on the Disney+ service. Clearly not for this October. Maybe 2022.

The rumors are that this will be an adaption of the comic Werewolf by Night.

This comic has featured two main incarnations over the years. The first is Jack Russell, from a 1970s series that ran for 43 issues and follows a werewolf descended from a line that stretches back all the way to a disagreement with Dracula.

The more recent version is a member of the Hopi Native American tribe whose family line has been cursed and who fights big pharma who are exploiting his tribe. Much opportunity for hairy wokeness.

It is not known which version will feature in this special. It was rumored that Moon Knight would lay the groundwork for Werewolf By Night, and that links to Blade would also be apparent. How will this play out? Either way, it is unlikely to bring us anything as awesome as this.

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