When the trailer for Marvel’s Halloween special Werewolf By Night was released, many speculated that it would stand somewhat alone from the rest of the MCU as it looked just so different. It’s retro ident and black and white classic horror style made it hard to see how it fits into the technicolor world of the rest of the MCU.

Movie soundtrack composer Michael Giacchino directs, and the early reviews started to land yesterday. As is characteristic of early reviews, they are raving about it and say it is genuinely different. The reviews point to a lot of practical creature design, real horror and some unexpected violent brutality. So much that even the director was surprised with the rating… he expected harder! He told The Hollywood Reporter:

“We had always assumed it would be TV-MA, but I wasn’t always involved with what was happening on that end in terms of ratings and all of that, but I am sure you are absolutely right that the black and white did help keep us within a certain range.”

Giacchino did confirm, however, that this is most definitely in the MCU. In an interview with Slashfilm he talked the wider world:

“We always looked at it as a night in the life of Jack and Elsa, and we never shied away from the fact that, okay, yes, this exists in the MCU. Somewhere else in the world at this very moment, Spider-Man is swinging on something, and Captain America’s doing something, but we’re not going to bother with that. We’re just worried about this moment right here, wherever we are.”

The world of Marvel, of course, has always contained some pretty big horror elements, and not just Werewolf By Night. Blade and other, even more famous, vampires have long existed in the pages of Marvel.

Tomb-Of-DraculaWe know Blade is coming to the MCU, and that the original Werewolf By Night involved Dracula. How this opens the door to the wider supernatural world for the MCU remains to be seen.

Werewolf by Night is released on Disney+ on October 7th, in plenty of time for Halloween.

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