We all know that Disney sucks and seemingly hate their fans these days, but every now and then, something slips through their net and is actually good. Werewolf by Night is one of those things.

As per usual, I haven’t read the comic and know nothing about the story, but this is a short, it’s only 50 minutes long. According to the blurb, Werewolf By Night:

Follows a lycanthrope superhero who fights evil using the abilities given to him by a curse brought on by his bloodline.

The movie stars Gael Garrcia Bernal, Laura Donnelly, Harriest Sansom Harris, Kikk R. Thatcher, Eugine Bondurant, and some other people. It is directed by Michael Giacchino and written by Heather Quinn, Peter Cameron and Gerry Conway, based on the comic created by Roy Conway and team.

This took me back to the good old days of the Universal Monster Movies. It’s all in black and white, and so ‘old school’, it even had cigarette burns in a couple of places, which made me smile.

You have a group of monster hunters who are there to take over a family legacy by collecting a Bloodstone, which is attached to a monster in a maze. If you kill the monster and collect the stone, you are the new leader.

That is all I will say about the story. It was fun, intriguing, and maybe a little obvious, but all the characters are great to watch.


The direction in Werewolf by Night is spot on, again, having that tone of an old monster movie and without going too over the top with the action. The actual action in it is good, and even a little gruesome in places.

Near the end, there is a strobe effect on one of the monsters and it looks beautiful. You know how at the end of Rise of Bloody Skywalker, the strobe on the Emperor was just annoying and looked terrible? This was nothing like that at all.

I’m not going to spoil anything else in Werewolf by Night, but Ted rocks!

I did find the cast a little bit of a letdown when announced. I though Garrcia Bernal is what you get when you order Mads Mikkelsen from Wish. OK, that’s unfair as he was very good in this. I still just couldn’t help seeing him as a young Mads. Maybe Hollywood cloned him as a backup?

The poor mans Mads Mekkleson
The poor man’s Mads Mikkelsen?

The style of the entire thing reminded me a little of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, in that old-school type of movie, with actors obviously on sets. I am a big fan of Sky Captain and so enjoyed seeing something like this.

This is honestly a gem of a Marvel production. Short, to the point, and just fun, with no message or anything else that usually ruins things. It is well worth 50 minutes of your time.

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