There seems to be a lot of negative things in the news about Mr Harvey Weinstein (Rambo, The Nanny Diaries).  Is it maybe a time to reflect on the good he did.  Yes, a lot of actresses were taken advantage of and Mr. Weinstein was keen to grant career favours in exchange for rubdowns and for them helping him to dry his back after a bath…#Allegedly.

What about the good stuff.  The stuff he helped promote and make successful.  Pulp Fiction, the reason Quentin ‘Feet’ Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs, The Golden Girls) has a career is thanks to Big Harvey, it also might explain their close bond and Tarantino’s silence on any accusations even when it included his long term foot muse Uma Thurman (The Adventures of Baron Munchausen).

Best Buddies

Also think of the actresses who paid the piper, so to speak, and became successful thanks to ‘Bathrobe’ Weinstein.  Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games) was very quiet when the #MeToo movement came about.  Everyone remembers those photos… not just of Jennifer but of other actresses.

Has anyone ever thought if it was only one phone account that was hacked?  If Harvey ‘Not So Mobile Now’ Weinstein’s phone was the one that was hacked it would explain all the budding actresses and their states of undress hoping to get that small speaking part in a Weinstein production.

The Secret of My Success

As Weinstein has been found guilty and is looking at 29 years in prison (pending appeal) let us thank him for the films he promoted, and celebrate the careers of actresses or actors that were happy to dry his ballsack for a role.

Let’s celebrate Harvey…over to you!