Unfairly maligned as a flop, Waterworld was actually moderately successful at the box office and then absolutely smashed it on video and home rental. It turned a profit, despite the incredibly high (for 1995) cost of $175 million. Now Waterworld gets a TV sequel.

Original producers John Davis and John Fox have confirmed that they are working with Universal on a series sequel to the Kevin Costner post-apocalyptic movie. The series is planned as a continuation of the film, picking up with the same characters twenty years later. 10 Cloverfield Lane and Predator: Skull director Dan Trachtenberg is on board to direct.

Set after the polar ice caps have melted, an event that e were all told was imminent by Al Gore and friends back in the mid-1990s, humanity was reduced to a waterborne existence. Kevin Costner played The Mariner, an underwater-breathing mutant with webbed feet who sailed a trimaran around this waterscape. Like a soggy Mad Max, he aided a woman (Jeanne Tripplehorn) and a girl (Tina Majorino) seeking the legendary ‘dry land’.

Kevin Reynolds’ career was derailed by the original Waterworld and his relationship with Costner became strained. They had already worked together on Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves. Reviews were mixed to negative at the time, though have improved since. Maybe the quality of the current crop of movies has made it look better, in hindsight?

The new version can avoid the notoriously difficult ocean shoots of Jaws and the original, by making use of new VFX technology, such as those developed by James Cameron for the Avatar sequels.

There are three themed attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Singapore, and Universal Studios Japan called Waterworld: A Live Sea War Spectacular, all of which are still running as of 2021.

A sequel comic book four-issue mini-series entitled Waterworld: Children of Leviathan, drawn by Kevin Kobasic, was released by Acclaim Comics in 1997. Kevin Costner did not permit his likeness to be used for the comics, so the Mariner looks different. The story reveals some of the Mariner’s back-story as he gathers clues about where he came from and why he is different. The comic expands on the possible cause of the melting of the polar ice caps and worldwide flood, and introduces a new villain – Leviathan – who supplied the Deacon’s Smoker organization.

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