Was the Smith/Rock incident real or fake?

So there’s a lot of passionate internal discussions on whether or not the Smith/Rock incident at the Oscars was real or staged. Words have been said. Arguments got heated. Me? I like to be sure of my facts. And there is a strong case on both sides of this argument. So let’s take it to court!



These are actors. This is the Oscars. It’s losing ratings, nearly about 90% of its audience has given up. They needs something to talk about. So they stage an “incident” with Chris Rock and Will Smith ala Andy Kaufman. It’s awkward and weird. These actors have publicists that groom their image so much, it’s difficult to believe anything happens spontaneously. These people go to the beach for photo ops.

Then take a look at Smith’s reaction to the joke. While Pinkett is not too happy, he’s smiling away. It’s almost like he forgot that was his cue. Then it begins. On national TV and boy are the press willing to make it their primary story the next day. Not who won, who wore the best dress, who had the best speech, which host had the best jokes, and all the same tired stories they’ve been writing for the last 70 years. The last time we had anything interesting happen at the Oscars is when they gave the wrong best picture award out to La La Land.

It’s a bold move from a dying industry.


If this was staged, it was so poorly done that it begs questioning the competence of these two supposed comedians. Will Smith and Chris Rock are both known for their comedic acumen. Will Smith is not a stand up comic, but certainly the years on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and various comedic movies shows he knows how to make people laugh. And Chris Rock is one of the funniest men of our generation. To see this so poorly executed and awkward without a hint of subtext is borderline grounds for termination.

Have you seen twitter these days? Actors and the left (but I repeat myself) have completely gone full lunatic these days. They only do these shows for each other and have made it quite clear they don’t care about the audience or their “fans” anymore. They don’t care about situations and appropriateness, only in showing their feelings at any given moment. The Oscars themselves tweeted out that this was inappropriate, so even if it were staged, they appear to not be in on it.

It also shows how much contempt they have for equal treatment under the law. In other words, Smith knows he’s not getting arrested for this or any charges will be pressed and most likely if there were, the DA wouldn’t bother to move forward anyway, there’s nothing in it for him. So they act like the infants that they are. Putting the final nail in the coffin of celebrity worship. They have no self-control and this just proves it. No way something that awkward could be fake.


Hell, I don’t know. Honest to god I don’t. Was it Real? Was it fake? Does Chris Rock have a bruise? Is Will Smith a lunatic?  But I look forward to seeing more evidence come out over the week. In the meantime, talk about it! Comment down below and make your case.

“Think They Bought It?”