The extent of the financial problems at Warner Bros. Pictures is being laid bare. When Discovery bought the operation, their first task was to go on a radical cost mission. Now news of a massive rescheduling of their tentpoles means they can no longer hide the issues.


They are not reworking their slate to add quality, or unfolding a grand plan for the DCEU and reworking existing DC movies to enable this. That is all a smokescreen according to journalist Borys Kit. The truth is that Warner Bros. Discovery is so strapped for cash that it can only afford to release two more movies this year. Don’t Worry Darling and Black Adam.

The James Wan-directed Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been kicked into the future by NINE MONTHS! It moves from March 17th 2023 to December 25th 2023. Shazam!: Fury of the Gods moves out of 2022 altogether and that moves back to the old Aquaman slot.

Suddenly it becomes clear why they wouldn’t spend another $7-9 million on Batgirl, so desperately wanted the tax write-down, are cutting anything that moves, and are sticking with Ezra Miller as The Flash rather than re-cast or re-shoot. They simply can’t afford to do anything else.


Warner Bros. Discovery was formed after WarnerMedia was sold off by AT&T and purchased by Discovery, Inc. on April 8, 2022.

The flagship Warner Bros. film and television studio includes comic book publisher DC Entertainment and their other brands include Home Box Office Inc. which includes HBO and Cinemax), U.S. Networks (Discovery, Scripps Networks, Turner Broadcasting, and Warner), CNN, Sports (Motor Trend Group, AT&T SportsNet, TNT Sports, and Eurosport), Global Streaming & Interactive Entertainment (Discovery+ and HBO Max), and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment as their video game arm.

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