At the moment movie theatres seem to be in a bad state, including AMC theatres. Streaming services are offering a cheaper alternative to the movie theater…if you have a full family. No adverts, cheaper snacks and drinks, a comfortable sofa with your own ass groove in it. Not only that, but you also didn’t have to worry about spoilers since the home release came out at the same time as the theatrical release. Well, is that about to change?

AMC Theatres and Warner Bros. have both agreed to return to an exclusive 45 day theatrical window for 2022. AMC CEO Adam Aron has said:

“We’re especially pleased Warner Bros. has decided to move away from day-and-date. We are in active dialogue with every major studio.”

WarnerMedia enraged a lot of cinema operators when they announced they were putting all of their 2021 movies on streaming at the same time as theatrical releases. The company said that this was because of the pandemic and not a permanent solution.

It was no secret that AMC and other theatre chains were not happy with what Warner Bros. did when launching HBO Max. Before COVID a theatrical window was as long as 90 days. Many studios pushed to get rid of the window altogether, but they faced a massive backlash and boycotts from theatre chains if they did.

Analysts have said that simultaneous openings both in the cinema and on streaming hurt not just the theatres, but also the prospects of the entire movie because of the rise of piracy.

We have seen how box office takings are down at the moment with the pandemic the main cause, but the duel release means that people just aren’t going to the movie theatre, preferring to stay and watch at home, even if Disney+ are charging an extra £30 to watch a movie. HBO have been including titles in the price of the subscription.

Is a 45 day wait long enough? It seems that some movie lovers aren’t exactly loving much out of Hollywood at the moment anyway! I know I’m busting to see Dune on the big screen, but, for me, that’s been about it for this year. Everything else I’d be happy to wait to see it at home.


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