Warner Bros. Discovery has named its development priorities going forward. Their international chief Gerhard Zeiler gave the keynote speech at RTS London and he says DC, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones are their priority franchises going forward.

Looks like that Jon Snow sequel will be coming, and JK Rowling and the three kids are about to have a dump truck of ca$h backed up to their houses to come back in Harry Potter And The Retirement Fund Of Destiny… or something.


How the DC mess is cleared up remains up in the air. Everyone at Warner Bros. is getting terribly excited by The Flash. Test screening scores are off the charts. So much that Ezra Miller was given significantly more slack than many other wayward stars have found recently. Johnny Depp must be wondering if he should have just kept his mouth shut about his shitty bed.

Zeiler said a major goal of the company is to:

“…will focus probably more on the development of franchises…”

He spoke about the post pandemic landscape and how tentpoles are the strategic revenue generators in the future. Fewer movies are successful, but the ones that go big had:

“…much better success than anyone forecasted. Everyone who believed cinema is dead has been proven wrong and will be proved wrong in the future. The theatrical business is here to stay, although of course, the pandemic changed things.”

Top Gun: Maverick absolutely smashes it and suddenly every single studio is pointing, looking and saying “That did well, we gotta get ourselves one of those!” such is the complete paucity of original thought in the dogshit for brains world of Hollywood. We have been here before, haven’t we?


According to Deadline, who reported on the event, Zeiler also confirmed David Zaslav’s declaration that there will be a ten-year plan for DC. Good luck!

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