With them holding the keys to the first big box-office draw since COVID19 peaked, Warner Bros are playing hardball with theaters around Tenet. For starters they want 63% of the box office receipts. On top of that they are going to push for guarantees around longevity of play.

If you run a single screen, local theater then they want a guarantee of at least a four week run. That goes up to five weeks for a two screen cinema. Three to eight screens? Eight weeks demanded and guarantees around one of the biggest screens being used. Nine screen? Major multiplex territory? Then it’s 12 weeks and a large screen guarantee.

That means that Tenet will still be running right up until the day that Wonder Woman 1984 comes along. That is also Warners. Then after that it’s Dune. So basically Warner Bros. look as if they are locking out the front row of the grid solidly until Christmas.

The King’s Man, from what’s left of 20th Century Fox, is also trying to crowbar it’s way in around this schedule, as are Death On The Nile, Candyman, Black Widow, Pixar’s Soul and, or course, No Time To Die.

Variety reports that security guards at theaters and social distancing mean that piracy concerns are somewhat reduced, but the global release being staggered, plus the mystery element, are still going to drive many pirates to try and plunder this booty!