Ahhh Warner Bros. Don’t ever change. If you didn’t fiddle and interfere then you really wouldn’t be… well, Warner Bros!
Without your incessant meddling and total failure to plan, we wouldn’t have the current comedy that is the DCEU. Like a pain in the ass client who alters the brief a few hours before delivery, just leaning in and saying:

“Actually… could you just change a few things?”

This is how we ended up with Suicide Squad being edited into a mess by somebody other than the director. How Man Of Steel 2 was replaced by a poorly conceived mash-up, and how Wonder Woman 1984 was allowed to contradict the entire franchise continuity almost as if nobody was checking their own notes.

Just as things were looking up a bit, along they come again to take a massive steaming dump straight from the boardroom into the creative factory floor. Now they have decided that the release plan needs to be changed, and the title has issues with Legal.
Zack Snyder’s Justice League was originally planned to be dropped on HBO Max as four, one hour long segments to create a four hour movie. Now, in a Vero update for fans, it seems everything has changed. One fan asked Snyder whether the cut would still be released as a series Snyder said no, and simply replied:

“One shot.”

This actually makes it longer than Snyder’s own 3hr cut of Watchmen. Then adding insult to injury that was the legal ball dropping over the use of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah in the trailer, there seem to be more issues from the suits. Zack Snyder’s Justice League can no longer be used as the title due to “Legal Issues”.
Between this kind of thing, the Ray Fisher debacle and the general state of their most valuable properties it does beg the question, exactly what the hell kind of dog and pony show are they running over there at Warner Bros.?