The Snyder Cut is coming, the hype is being built and everything in the Justice League garden is rosy, right? Wrong! We commented a couple of times on here that all the hype is being driven by Zack Snyder himself as a one man marketing division for his project. Which begs the question of what Warner Bros. are doing to support this? Where is the HBO Max fanfare?

Rumors starting to swirl out there in movie commentary land point to there being a reason. Warner Bros. don’t like it, they didn’t want it and they wish the whole thing would just go away. They may even have deliberately leaked the JJ Abrams and Superman news to take the buzz away from Zack Snyder’s Justice League because they wish it didn’t exist.

Justice League

It was Warner Bros. parents company – AT&T – that picked up on the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign and the online buzz. With the HBO Max launch in their strategic sights, they saw an opportunity to cash in on this buzz. They basically ordered Warner Bros. to do the project.

Warner Bros. suits had not changed their opinion of the approach Snyder was taking with the DCEU. They did not like his vision and direction then, and they still don’t now. It is claimed the boardroom is unimpressed with Zack Snyder’s four-hour cut and have not been converted.

They resent that this movie has been forced on them, have a lack of faith in it and as one commentator put it:

“…simply want it to go away.”

Warner Bros. execs are embarrassed and they can’t win. If it is a hit then it shows they were wrong to put Joss Whedon in. If it is a disaster then they shouldn’t have allowed themselves to be bullied into it by their bosses. They never liked what Snyder was doing in the first place and this has just forced all this back into the limelight again, years after it should have been buried and forgotten about. According to Geekocity:

“They simply want it to go away. The J.J. Abrams news was deliberately leaked to bury The Snyder Cut in social media prior to its release on HBO Max. I won’t say Warner Bros. is trying to sabotage The Snyder Cut; I’m not going that far. Nevertheless, The Snyder Cut is being treated like the last kid asked out to the prom.”

Other commentators have pointed to Godzilla Vs. Kong almost being counter programming. It has been scheduled for HBO Max release as part of the Warner Bros. day-and-date COVID strategy on March 31st, not long after Justice League lands. Every time a Justice League clip or trailer landed, a Godzilla vs. Kong trailer or clip followed closely. Coincidence? If there is any truth in the Abrams leak rumor above then maybe not.

The absolute worse thing that could happen, from Warner Bros. point of view, would be Justice League being a hit and landing well with fans. Then they may find another campaign builds for a sequel.